Sunday, October 6, 2013

Labels and You

When divorcing during her 30s or 40s, a woman cannot avoid labels. So, who are you?
  • The Cougar. It worked for Demi Moore for a while and is a route many women choose. After all, it is always gratifying to have a little arm candy as your date. Younger men are often attracted to older women who possess experience and confidence. Girls their age just may not be able to hold their attention for long.

  • The Gold Digger. Nothing sends a woman's finances into a tailspin like a divorce. After all, not only does your income and standard of living take a beating, but you must also pay crippling legal fees. As a result, many women pursue a man with money. Although he may not be the best looking guy, many opt to settle for a man who can fund their lifestyle if not their desires. 

  • The Girl Next Door. Children suffer when a traditional family dissolves. In its wake, many women pursue a man who is looking for stability just as they are. He fits in well with your family and your kids enjoy him. If date night is your favorite social event, then perhaps you would like to meet a guy who presents a safe bet. Excitement may not be on the agenda, but he may be just what you seek. 

  • The Rebel. After divorce, some women want to add a little danger to their lives. They search for a man who represents something wholly opposite from their ex. After an established businessman, sometimes a house painter is in order.
While these labels may feel frustrating and limiting, they are largely unavoidable. However, when a woman feels confident in her choices, she will be more at ease. Embrace who you are and what you seek!

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  1. Now that's a scary couple! Enjoying the site.