Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life Beyond the Sunset: Thinking Beyond the Passion for Long-term Success

You wrap your arms around the taut, six-pack abs of Prince Charming, holding on as you ride his silver-maned horse off into the sunset. It’s a nice vision, particularly after the unexpected end to your marriage and the disturbing reality of being tossed into the modern dating pool. But the reality is that you have to get off the horse sometime.

There’s a castle to run, townspeople to deal with and gold coins to win. Even in fantasy, there’s reality. With another chance at lifelong happiness, it’s important to remember that the honeymoon phase always ends, and you need to look for a partner who you can love, support and cherish as you happily grow old together. Love and passion are critical, but they aren't the only ingredients required.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

5 Post-divorce Dating Tips from a Professional Matchmaker

How much would you pay to end up with Mr. Right, especially knowing how much it cost you to get rid of Mr. Wrong? For some people, paying thousands to a professional match-making service is a bargain, especially if they have delved into the mainstream online dating pool (e.g., and eHarmony) and found it lacking in prospects. One such company, Selective Search, will help you find "the love of your life" for fees upwards of $25,000. Hoping to gain some dating insight for divorcees, I spoke to Monica Mandell, a senior director at the company.