Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Divorced, Over 40 and Dating: Feast or Famine?

One of the biggest topics among divorced, single women is what the dating pool offers. I remember talking to a group of my girlfriends, and although we felt that we looked pretty good and were happy with our lives, there was an underlying concern that most men our age would only be interested in younger women. A few years later, my core group of divorcee friends and I all have significant others close to our age, with one already planning a return trip to the altar. So, are we anomalies, or is the myth of the older man looking for the bouncy young woman more the norm?

Friday, July 11, 2014

What to do About Favorite Places with Tainted Memories

For those of us married for a significant amount of time—in my case, more than 20 years—we undoubtedly face a common dilemma. Whether it’s a beloved destination, a favorite cozy restaurant or a rocking band, we developed a fondness for many things during our married years and often shared our love of them with our former spouse. In the early dark months of a divorce, when the concept of abandonment and single-hood are most raw and scary, we may have sworn off these seemingly cursed venues and activities. Never again! Later, when the legal proceedings fade in the rearview mirror and we begin to settle into a new routine with our kids and a new life with a significant other, the question arises: Should we reclaim or leave behind the things we once enjoyed so much?